The Vault Presented by PuzzleWorks Minnesota


The Vault

PuzzleWorks Escape Co.
550 Vandalia St #311, St Paul, MN 55114

Played Nov. 2017


Price: $27.99/ player (discounts available)
Puzzleworks difficulty level: not provided
Escape Artists MN difficulty level: 3/5



Can you burgle the yurgle? This game takes place in the National Bank of Yurgmurgistan, where players are called upon to retrieve the prince’s treasure and escape before the guard returns. The host provides this information before releasing you into the lobby of the bank.

Our thoughts:

This room is a solid room! The theme lends itself to a sparsely decorated game, which makes clues all the more interesting. Unlike other rooms where players are surrounded by locks and codes, this game eases you into gameplay and forces players to think outside the box. The puzzles in this room are outstanding and plentiful! Our team of two had to work nonstop in order to escape. A team of 4-6 could divide and conquer and would be the ideal group size for this game. We loved how immersive the game became as we progressed through the various puzzles. This is a puzzle heavy room and is best for intermediate to advanced players.

Another unique aspect of Puzzleworks is their collaboration with Lake Monster Brewing which is located next door. Our booking awarded us each a free drink, which is a great way to end the day!


Pros: outstanding puzzles, wonderful themeing, free drink

Cons: difficult for beginners, off the beaten path

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