Dr. K’s Lethal Injection- Presented by Escape MSP

Dr. K’s Lethal Injection

Escape MSP- St Paul Location
256 7th Street East
Suite 248
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Date Played- Nov 2017

Price:  $34.95
Escape MSP’s Difficulty rating: Spy Master (3/3)
Escape Artists MN Difficulty Rating: 4.5


Dr. Kevorkianstein plans to infect the world with a new virus, then sell the antidote and make billions! Your team of CDC agents must search his lab, create an antidote, and escape before he returns!

Our thoughts:

I cannot say enough good things about this game! The stage was set prior to entering the lab, when our game master energetically provided us with our story. We were completely immersed in the game before the clock began ominously counting down. This room provides a fresh take on what could have been a typical escape room experience. The room is sterile, but given the nature of the theme, doesn’t feel out of place. We were disappointed that this relatively new room had elements in disrepair. This didn’t appear to be intentional and detracted from the quality of the room. The puzzles on the other hand were fantastic! This is a very math heavy room with loads of mental puzzles. Our team of 4 was able to break tasks up to speed up the process, but 6-8 players would be ideal. This room also incorporated a high tech puzzle which blew us away! If you’re an advanced escape artist, this is a fantastic room! This room is not designed for beginners, Escape MSP rates this 3/3 difficulty.

Escape MSP- St. Paul is in a perfect location for groups wanting to celebrate their victory. There are two great bars located next door, Dark Horse Bar & Eatery and Barrel Theory Beer Company. If you’re going before 3pm, be sure to check out The Buttered Tin for amazing brunch and cocktails!


Pros: Immersive game play, high tech puzzle

Cons: Broken set pieces detract from room

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